ADA –  Evangelist Oral Roberts was born here in 1918.
•   Singer Blake Shelton grew up here.
•   Baseball player Harry "The Cat" Brecheen is buried here in Rosedale Memorial Park.

ADAIR  –  On July 15, 1892, the Dalton gang robbed a train here in the station of $17,000. They killed one man and wounded several others.

ADDINGTON  –  Located in Jefferson County, Addington has a populaton of about 100.
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AFTON  –  Located in Ottawa County, Afton has a population of about 1,000.
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AKINS  –  Gangster Charles "Pretty Boy" was raised here in Akins. Floyd was killed by police on October 22, 1934 in Ohio. When he was buried here in Akins Cemetery on October 28, 20,000 people, and 6,000 automobiles, as well as wagons, trucks, buses, buggies, and horses filled the surrounding fields and lined the highways and roads to pay tribute to him. People collected rocks and leaves as souvenirs. The Akins Cemetery is south of Highway 101, about 1 mile east of Akins.

ALVA  –  During WWII, Nazi and Nazi sympathizers were held here in a camp a mile south of Alva, Oklahoma on the west side of highway 281. Closed in 1945, the land is now used for the airport and fairgrounds.
ANDARKO  –  Former Chicago Cub pitcher Calvin Coolidge Julius Caesar Tuskahoma McLish was born here in 1925.
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ANTLERS  –   Is the Count Seat of Pushmataha County, Antlers population is about 2,400.
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ARDMORE  –  John Hinckley Jr. was born here in 1955. Hinckley shot and wounded President Ronald Reagan on March 30, 1981.
•   A gas tank exploded here on September 27, 1915, and killed 47 people.
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ATOKA  –  Outlaws Clyde Barrow and Raymond Hamilton killed two policemen here in 1933.
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BARNSDALL  –  Singer Anita Bryant was born here in 1940.
•   Actor Clark Gable lived here from 1920-1922 when the town was called Bigheart.  The stone shotgun house where he lived on West Walnut Street still stands.
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BARTELSVILLE  –  Born here were actor Patrick Cranshaw in 1919, and actress Gretchen Wyler in 1932.
•   In October of 1895, fugitive outlaw, "Little Bill" Raidler, a member of the Doolin gang, was captured near here in cave by Sheriff Heck Thomas after a gun battle.
•   The aerosol can was invented here.

BEAVER  –  Beaver is known as the Cow Chip Capital of the World, The World Championship Cow Chip Throw is held here every year.

BEGGS  –  Comedian Dan Rowan was born here in 1922.
•   Musician Bob Dunn invented the first electric guitar here in 1935.

BETHANY  –  Astronaut Shannon Lucid grew up here.
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BIGHEART –  Actor Clark Gable lived here from 1920-1922. The town name was changed to Barnsdall in 1921.

BIXBY –  On April 9, 1932, Oklahoma lawman Erv Kelly, ambushed "Pretty Boy" Floyd near here, and in a sub-machine gun shootout, Floyd killed Kelly. A large posse was assembled to look for Floyd in the back roads. Famed aviator Wiley Post flew over the hills trying to spot him, but Floyd had escaped.
BLACKWELL  –  Killer and rustler, Ben Cravens, was captured here by Sheriff Lund after a shootout on the Bert Benjamin ranch near here on Dec. 4, 1896.
•   Former Major League baseball pitcher Brad Penny was born here in 1978.

BLANCHARD  –  Singer Bonnie Owens was born here in 1930. She was married to singer Buck Owens.
•   Singer/composer Jeremy Castle grew up here.

BOISE CITY  –  Actress Vera Miles was born here in 1930.

BOLEY  –  On November 22, 1932, outlaw George Birdwell and two other members of Pretty Boy Floyd's gang tried to rob the Farmers & Merchants Bank here in Boley. The robbers killed the bank's president D. J. Turner. Birdwell, and Birdwell was shot and killed as he was escaping.  
•   Major League baseball player Pumpsie Green was born here in 1933. He was the first black to play for the Boston Red Sox.
•   In its prime, Boley was the largest predominately black town in the United States. Among its many businesses and institutions, there were numerous cotton gins and banks, schools both public and private, several fraternal clubs, and churches of every denomination.  Boley had a railroad depot, a post office, a telephone company, and a power plant.  The municipality also successfully bid to host Oklahoma’s main black fraternal lodge, a black tuberculosis hospital and the State Training School for Negro Boys.  Booker T. Washington, marveled at the ambition and vigor of the townspeople. Today, Boley, population 1000, remains mostly black and is home to many descendants of the town’s original settlers. It's businesses include a  funeral home, 3 boarding houses, 2 gas stations, 2 grocery stores, a hardware store, community center, swimming pool, 6 churches, an elementary school, a high school, and a town hall. The   Go There
•   Take a video tour of downtown Boley  Here
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BROKEN ARROW  –  Born here were composer Ralph Blane in 1914, He wrote the songs Have yourself a  Merry Little Christmas, and Meet Me in St. Louis
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BROKEN BOW  –   Baseball player Harry "The Cat" Brecheen was born here in 1914.
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BUTLER –   ????
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CANEY  –  The Doolin-Dalton gang robbed a train here on October 14, 1892.

CASTLE  –  "Pretty Boy" Floyd robbed the bank here in 1931.
CHANDLER  –  Composer Roy Harris was born here in 1898. (Other sources say Lincoln City).
•   William "Bill" Tilghman Jr., lawman, is buried here in Oak Park Cemetery. (also see Cromwell)

CHEYENNE –  On November 27, 1868, Lt. Col. George A. Custer led his soldiers on a surprise attack of the Washita Indian village near here while the Indians were sleeping. More than 100 Indians were killed, including women and children, and the village was burned down.
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CHICKASHA  –  Born here were pro golfer Orville Moody in 1933, and actor Cleavon Little in 1939.

CHOCKIE  –   Singer Reba McEntire grew up here in Chockie.

CLAREMORE –  Born here in Claremore were: actress Rochelle Hudson in 1914, Helen Walton, in 1919, (she was the wife of Sam Walton, founder of Wal-Mart), and singer Patti Page in 1927.
•   Actor and columnist Will Rogers is buried here at the Will Rogers Memorial on the site where he was building a new home at the time of his death in a plane crash in Alaska in 1935.
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CLEARVIEW –  Located eight miles southeast of Okemah, Clearview is one of more than fifty All-Black towns of Oklahoma and one of only thirteen still existing. The town was founded in 1903 along the tracks of the Fort Smith and Western Railroad. By 1904 the town boasted a two-story hotel and a print shop. Very early in its existence A 1907 population figure of 618 declined by the late 1930s to 420. The Great Depression and the falling price of cotton had severely crippled the town. The 2000 census recorded only 56 people residing in Clearview.. The community still hosts an annual rodeo.

CLEO SPRINGS  –  Football player/coach Steve Owen s buried here in the Cleo Springs Cemetery.
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CLINTON  –  Singer Toby Keith was born here in 1961,
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COMANCHE –  Baseball player Alvin Dark was born here in 1922.
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COMMERCE –  Baseball player Mickey Mantle grew up here.
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•   Bonnie & Clyde had a gun fight here with police on April 6, 1934.
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CROMWELL  –  Bill Tilghman served as Marshall of Dodge City, Kansas in 1884, as sheriff of Lincoln County, Oklahoma in 1900, and as chief of police of Oklahoma City in 1911. He retired in 1914 at age 60. In 1924, he was persuaded to come out of retirement and clean up Cromwell. While attempting to arrest a drunk, Wiley Lynn here, Lynn shot and killed the 70-year-old Tilghman.
CUSHING –  Outlaw Al Jennings and his gang robbed the Crozier and Nutter store here of $15, on October 29, 1897. Embarrassed, the O'Malley brothers and "Little Dick" West quit the inept gang.
•   Marshall Ledbetter of Muskogee captured Al Jennings near here in May of 1898. Al was sent to prison, but was freed in 1904. He moved to Hollywood where he later became an actor in movies about the west. In 1951, a movie of Al's life was made, Al Jennings of Oklahoma. Al died the day after Christmas in 1961 near Hollywood.  He was 98.
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DEWEY  –  Buried here in the Dewey Cemetery on east side of Highway 75 are:
–   Julia Johnson Dalton, wife of outlaw Emmet Dalton.
–   Henry Starr, outlaw. He claimed he robbed more banks than both the James-Younger Gang and the Doolin-Dalton Gang put together. He was the first bank robber to use an automobile in a bank robbery. He was killed during a shootout at a bank robbery in Harrison, Arkansas in 1921. There is no marker, but he is buried next to his baby daughter whose headstone reads "Baby Star."
DOVER  –  The Doolin gang robbed a train near here on May 4, 1895. A member  of the gang, "Tulsa Jack" Blake was killed.

DUNCAN  –  Born here in Duncan were: diplomat Jeane Kirkpatrick in 1926, Country western singer Hoyt Axtin in 1938, and actor/director Ron Howard in 1953.

DURANT  –  Composer Pinky Tomlin was born here in 1907. He wrote the song The Object of My Affection.
•   The world’s largest peanut is located here. This monument to the peanut growers in Bryan County is located on the front lawn of Durant's City Hall at 201 North 3rd Avenue.  It was dedicated in 1973.  The monument holds a time capsule that contains historic and legal documents, which will be unearthed in the year 2023.  The "peanut" rests on the "World's Oldest Monument,” a chunk of granite that is approximately 1.2 billion years old.

EARLSBORO  –  Baseball player Willie Stargell was born here in 1941.
•   Outlaw "Pretty Boy" Floyd robbed the bank here in 1931.
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EDMOND  –  Olympic gymnast Shannon Miller grew up here.
•   Al Jennings and his gang attempted their first train robbery here on August 16, 1897. But things didn't go right. While they were looking at the door of the express car, a conductor asked them what they were doing. The outlaws panicked and fled.
•   On the night of August 19, 1897, Al Jennings tried to flag down a train near here by standing directly in the center of the tracks, holding a lantern and frantically waving a red flag. The engineer however, kept his hand on the throttle and the train roared forward. Jennings, screaming for the engineer to halt, finally leaped out of the way at the last moment. The train raced into the night as Jennings and the rest of the outlaws stood cursing in the darkness.
•   On August 23, 1897, Al Jennings and his brother Frank rode alongside a fast moving Santa Fe train near Bond Switch, firing their six-guns in the air as a signal to the engineer to stop. The engineer merely waved a friendly hello and kept going. The brothers, their horses exhausted, fell behind and then came to a panting halt as they watched their prey chug from sight.
•   On August 20, 1986, Patrick Sherrill, a disgruntled postal worker, shot and killed fourteen co-workers and wounded six more here in the post office, before shooting himself.  

EL RENO  –  A German/Italian POW camp was here in WWII. It was located a mile north of the El Reno Federal Reformatory and a mile east of Fort Reno. Some of the POW's are buried in back of the Old Fort Reno.
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ENID  –  Born here were: actress Glenda Farrell in 1904, and astronaut Owen K. Garriott in 1930.

ERICK  –   Singer Roger Miller grew up on a farm outside of Erick.
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FAIRFAX–  Ballerina Maria Tallchief was born near here in 1925.

FORAKER  –  Actor Ben Johnson was born here 1918. Foraker is near Pawhuska.

FORT GIBSON   –   Actor Iron Eyes Cody was born near here in 1904.
•   Fort Gibson was established here in 1824. Many soldiers died here and some of them are thought to still haunt various buildings and the grounds.

FORT SILL  –  Apache Chief Geronimo is buried here in the Apache Cemetery at Elgin and Dodge Hill Roads. Geronimo died here on February 17, 1909.

FOYIL –  The world's largest totem pole is located here. Ed Galloway built the 90-foot totem pole over an 11 year period from 1937 to 1948, utilizing some 28 tons of cement, six tons of steel, and 100 tons of sand and rock. His tribute to the American Indian features 200 carved pictures, with four nine-foot Indians near the top each representing a different tribe. (Although it is not the tallest in the world anymore, the town of 324 still calls it the tallest).
•   Football player Josh Brown was raised here in Foyil. A kicker for the Nebraska Cornhuskers, he was playing for the Seattle Seahawks in 2006.

GATE  –  In the 1880s, Gate is located the Oklahoma Panhandle, in the middle of what was known as "No Man's Land," also called "The Dust Bowl."

GEARY  –  Explorer Jesse Chisholm is buried here at the Jesse Chisholm Grave Site.  

GENE AUTRY  –  The small town of Gene Autry is located a mile south of SH 53 and seven miles east of Springer. Originally called Lou then Berwyn, it was changed to Gene Autry in 1942. In 1939, Autry bought the 1,200 acre Flying A Ranch on the west edge of Berwyn.        
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GRACEMONT  –   Cowboy actor Sunset Carson was born here in 1921.

GRANDE  –  Western bandleader Spade Cooley was born here in 1910. (Other sources say it was in Pack Saddle Creek).

GUTHRIE  –  Outlaw Bill Doolin was put on trial here in 1895 for train robbery. Thousands lined the streets to see the famous outlaw. The Doolin gang had a hideout near here on the Cimarron River.
•   In September of 1893, Jim Masterson, a Guthrie deputy sheriff, and brother of Bat Masterson, participated in the arrest of the infamous Doolin gang. Two years later, Masterson died here of the "galloping consumption."  
•   Outlaw "Little Dick" West was shot and killed here on April 7, 1898, by Sheriff Frank Rinehart on the Harman Arnett ranch southwest of Guthrie.
•   In May 1895, outlaws Charlie Pierce, and "Bitter Creek" Newcomb, members of the Doolin gang, were killed in a farmhouse near here in a shootout with Deputy U.S. Marshals. Both men had bullets in their chests, arms, legs, and even in the soles of their feet.  
•   Buried here in the  Summit View Cemetery at 1808 No. Pine are:
–   Bill Doolin, outlaw. He was shot and killed by the sheriff in Lawton, Oklahoma on August 25, 1896. He was buried at age 38, with 16 buck shots and two Winchester balls in him.
–   Elmer McCurdy, outlaw, alias Frank Curtis and Frank Davidson. He was killed at age 31 during a robbery by a sheriff's posse near Pawhuska, Oklahoma, on October 7, 1911. 66 years later, his mummified body was found in a fun house attraction at the Long Beach, California Nu-Pike amusement park. It was during the filming of an episode of TV's Six Million Dollar Man, that a technician rearranged what was thought to be a mannequin, only to have one of McCurdy's arms fall off. Elmer was buried here in 1977 under 2-1/2 yards of concrete.
•   Take a photo tour of Guthrie    Here

HALLETT  –  A fireworks factory explosion here in 1985 killed 21 people.

HARRAH  –  Actor Dale Robertson was born here in 1923.
•   Actor Tim Holt is buried here in the Memory Lane Cemetery. He is in Section 4, 14th row west of northeast corner. 2nd grave south.

HARTSHORNE  –  Baseball player Warren Spahn is buried here in the Elmwood Cemetery. He is in Block 20.

HASKELL  –  Actor Billy Benedict was born here in 1906. He was "Whitey" in the Dead End Kids films.

HENRYETTA  –  Football player Troy Aikman was born here in 1966.

HITCHITA  –  Actor Will Sampson is buried here in the Graves Creek Cemetery.

HOBART –  A school fire killed 35 people here on December 24, 1924.

HOOKER  –  Signs at the city limits of Hooker feature paintings of 19th century prostitutes. The town's American Legion baseball team is named the Horny Toads, and signs at the edge of town as people leave say "Why don't you come back and see us sometime?"

HUGO  –  Journalist Bill Moyers was born here in 1934.
•   Hugo has been a circus wintering town for over 50 years., calling itself "Circus Town, USA." Many circus people are buried here at Showmen’s Rest at Mt. Olivet Cemetery. Headstones are decorated with the deceased performer’s circus skill, from tight rope walking to snake handling. One grave monument is shaped like a big top.

HUTCHINSON –  A train wreck killed 23 people here on September 28, 1917.

KELLEYVILLE –  A train wreck killed 23 people here on September 28, 1917.

KINGFISHER  –  Born here in Kingfisher were: outlaw John King Fisher (John was one of the premier rustlers along the Texas-Mexico border in the 1870s. A crack shot, he admitted to killing seven men, but explained," "I don't count Mexicans"), and Sam Walton, founder of Wal-Mart in March 29, 1918.
•   The Dalton brothers grew up on a farm near here.
•   From 1905 to 1919, Oklahoma U. beat Kingfisher College, a religious school, in football by the scores of 55-0, 32-0, 51-0, 46-5, 66-0, 104-0, 40-0, 74-0, 67-0, 67-0, 96-0, 179-0, and 157-0. In 13 games, Kingfisher was out-scored 1,034 to 5. Funded in 1895, Kingfisher College closed in 1927 and its records were transferred to the University of Oklahoma;
•   Kingfisher is the largest wheat market in America.
•   Buried here in the Kingfisher Cemetery are:
–   Adeline Lee Younger Dalton, mother of the Dalton boys and cousin to the Youngers.
–   Emmett Dalton, outlaw.
•   In late November of 1933, a cowboy named Jack Wisdom disappeared from Wichita, Kansas with Mrs. Harry Pritchard and her husband, a storekeeper who had threatened to sue Wisdom for passing a worthless check. The Pritchards did not return.  On December 10, Wisdom was found asleep in a farmhouse in Jay, Oklahoma. A few hours later, a rabbit hunter found the body of Mrs. Pritchard in a culvert near Kingfisher. Wisdom confessed to the slaying. When Wichita citizens heard of his capture they headed toward Kingfisher to lynch him. Officers hustled Wisdom into an automobile and took him away. Determined to prevent mob violence, Oklahoma's Governor Murray called out two companies of guardsmen to patrol the roads into Kansas. Next day, as Pritchard's body was found near El Reno, Oklahoma, authorities announced that Wisdom was safe in the Kansas State Reformatory at Hutchinson.
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KIOWA CREEK  –  Outlaw Al Jennings was one of the comical characters of the Old West. He was born (1863) and raised here with his brothers Edward, Frank, and John. The Jennings boys, sons of Judge J.D.F. Jennings, were a fun loving lot who dreamed of becoming bandits. (Kiowa Creek is near Woodland).
KONAWA  –  "Pretty Boy" Floyd robbed the bank here in 1931.
LANGSTON  –  The town of Langston is located on State Highway 33, ten miles northeast of Guthrie. The name honors John Mercer Langston, an African American educator and U.S. congressman from Virginia. Langston and Brooksville differ from the other thirteen surviving All-Black towns because they began in Oklahoma Territory. In 1897, the Oklahoma Territorial Legislature established the Colored Agricultural and Normal University (later Langston University) at Langston. In 1890 the population stood at 251, increasing to 339 in 1910. The college helped Langston endure the Great Depression, which depopulated many of Oklahoma's small towns, black and white. In 1930 the U.S. Census reported a population of 351, slowly rising to 685 in 1950, and declining to 443 in 1980. The population was about 1700 in 2006,

LAWTON  –  Outlaw Bill Doolin was shot and killed here by the sheriff near his father-in-law's farmhouse on August 25, 1896. His body was later put on display, naked from the waist up, to show how many shotgun pellets had ripped his body apart.
•   After Indian Chief Geronimo was captured, he was forced to become a farmer here on Fort Sill. On a cold morning on February 17, 1909, Geronimo rode into Lawton, sold some bow and arrows, then became intoxicated on the ride home in the dark and fell off his horse. He was found the next day lying partly in a creek – he had caught a bad cold and died of pneumonia

LIMA  –  Known as one of Oklahoma's thirteen remaining historically All-Black towns, Lima is located south of U.S. Highway 270 on County Road N3600 between Seminole and Wewoka. At the turn of the twentieth century Seminoles and Seminole Freedmen occupied the area. The community known as Lima, named for the local limestone quarries, existed at least by 1904. In 1926 the discovery and development of the Greater Seminole Oil Field brought prosperity and white settlers to the town. The newcomers started a separate village east of Lima, which became known as New Lima. This community never incorporated but built its own school, post office, and businesses. The combined population numbered 239 in 1930 and 271 in 1940. With the decline in the oil boom, the population dropped to 99 in 1950 and 90 in 1960. In 1957, with the end of segregation, the Lima and New Lima schools merged. The population of the two communities climbed to 256 in 1980, but slowly fell to 74 in 2000.

MAUD –  Rockabilly singer Wanda Jackson was born here in 1937
•   "Pretty Boy" Floyd robbed the bank here in 1931.
•   On January 8, 1898, MS. Julia Leard was murdered by a half-breed Negro Seminole near here. When a mob of white men captured Lincoln McGelsky, who they suspected had killed Mrs. Leard,  they strung him up repeatedly in an attempt to make him confess. It was later reported that two other men were burned at the stake for the murder.
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MACALESTER  –  Born here in MacAlister were: poet John Berryman in 1914, and singer Reba McEntire in 1955.
•   Mrs. Adrienne Ross gave birth to a 14-pound, 3-ounce baby here at the McAlester Regional Health Center on December 16, 2005. It was the largest baby ever born at the hospital.
•   A German/Italian POW camp was here in WWII. It was located north of McAlester, north of Electric St. and West of 15th. There were about 3,000 prisoners confined here.
•   Baseball player Joe "Iron Man" McGinnity is buried here in the Oak Hill Memorial Park. He is in the Masonic Section, Block 161, Lot 12.

MANNFORD  –  Songwriter Lee Hazelwood was born here in 1929. He wrote the song “These Boots Are Made For Walking.” He died in Henderson, Nevada in 2007.

MCCURTAIN  –  A mine explosion killed 73 miners here on March 20, 1912.

MEDFORD  –  ?????
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MEEKER  –  Baseball player Carl Hubbell grew up here and is buried  here in the Meeker-New Hope Cemetery. He is in Section 5, Block 13.

MIAMI  –  Movie cameraman Lucien Ballard was born here in 1908.
•   Baseball player Mickey Mantle grew up here.

MIDWEST CITY  –   Actor Royce Applegate was born here in 1939.

MINCO  –  On October 1, 1897, Al and Frank Jennings, "Little Dick" West, and the O'Malley brothers found a Rock Island passenger train stopped at a water station eight miles south o Minco. They boarded the baggage car but could not open the safe, "I've been waiting for this," Al said, and he produced several sticks of dynamite. He tied the dynamite sticks together, stuck a long fuse into one stick, lit it, then placed them along side of the safe. The baggage car clerk and the outlaws leaped from the train car and ran some distance from it, waiting. "How much dynamite did you use, Al?, Frank Jennings asked. "You got to use a lot of dynamite to dent a big safe like that," Al answered knowingly. A few seconds later, the entire car blew up, sending a shower of wooden and iron splinters in all directions. There was no safe and no money to be found. The frustrated gang went through the passenger coaches and robbed everyone down to their last dollar. They even took a new pair of boots from a traveling salesman.
MORRIS  –  "Pretty Boy" Floyd robbed the bank here in 1931.

MULHALL  –  Outlaw Oliver Yantis is buried here in the Roselawn Cemetery. He was a member of both the Doolin and Dalton gangs. He was shot and killed by the sheriff near Dodge City on November 29, 1892. He is in Lot 171.

MUSKOGEE  –  Born here were: actor Chief Thundercloud in 1899, actor Cowboy Copas in 1914, and baseball player Gene Conley in 1930.

MUSTANG  –   Wrestler Kendall Cross, U.S. Gold Medalist winner grew up    in Mustang.

NEWKIRK  –  On December 4, 1896, when outlaw "Dynamite Dick" Clifton, a member of the Bill Doolin gang, escaped from a jail in Guthrie, he holed up at Sid Williams' farm sixteen miles outside Newkirk. Later, he tried to escape on horseback, but was shot and killed by deputies.
NORMAN  –  Born here in Norman were: engineer Karl Guthe Jansky in 1905 (he discovered cosmic radio emissions), actor James Garner in 1928, and singer Vince Gill in 1957.
•   8 people were killed in a hospital fire here on April 13, 1918.
•   A statue of actor James Garner was unveiled here in 2006 on Main Street between James Garner Avenue (used to be Front Street) and Jones Avenue.

OKEMAH  –  Singer/composer Woody Guthrie was born here in 1912.

OKESHA  –  Al Spencer, cattle rustler, bank robber, and a former member of the Henry Starr gang, robbed a Missouri, Kansas & Texas Limited train near here in the 1890s. A few weeks later, Spencer was killed by a posse near his hideout on the Osage reservation.
OKLAHOMA CITY  –  Born here in Oklahoma City were: actress Kay Francis in 1903, actor Lon Chaney Jr., in 1905, Bishop James J. Pike in 1913, writer Ralph Ellison in 1914, Hollywood stars agent Jay Bernstein in 1937, baseball player Johnny Bench in 1947, and singer/composer Jeremy Castle in 1974,
•   Machine Gun" Kelly kidnapped millionaire Charles Urscher here on July 22, 1933, from his home here at 327 Northwest 18th St. Kelly was the gangster who coined the phrase “G-Man.”
•   A terrorist bomb killed 168 people and injured more than 500 here at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building on April 19, 1995.
•   The first automatic parking meter in the U.S. was installed here on July 16, 1935. It was invented here by brothers Carlton and Gerald Hale (or was it Carl C. Magee, of Oklahoma City).
•   Sylman Goldman invented the shopping cart here on June 4, 1937.
•   Buried here in the Memorial Park Cemetery are:
–   Paul Braniff, co-founder of the Braniff Airlines.
–   Pepper Martin, baseball player. He is in Section 25, 91-25-1.
–   Wiley Post, aviator. He and his friend Will Rogers were killed in a plane crash in Alaska on August 15, 1935. He is in Section 48.
–   Allie Reynolds, baseball player.
•   Killer Edward "Red" Kelly is buried here in the Fairlawn Cemetery at 700 N. Shartel. In 1892, he shot and killed Bob Ford, the man who killed Jesse James. He was sent to prison for the murder and was released in 1900. In 1904 he was killed by a policeman here in Oklahoma City during a brawl.
•   Buried here in the Rose Hill Burial Park Cemetery are:
–   Jimmy Reece, race car driver. He is in Section 4, NW corner, Lot 212.
–   Lloyd "Little Poison" Waner, baseball player. He is in Section 11, Space 2 NEC, Lot 186.

OOLOGAH  –  Actor/humorist Will Rogers was born here in 1879.
PADEN  –  "Pretty Boy" Floyd robbed the bank here in 1931.
PAWHUSKA  –  Actor Ben Johnson was born here in 1918. (Other sources say it was in Foraker) He died here in 1996 and is buried here.
•   Outlaw Elmer McCurdy (alias Frank Curtis and Frank Davidson), was killed during a robbery by a sheriff's posse near here on October 7, 1911. 66 years later, his mummified body was found in a fun house attraction at the Long Beach, California Nu-Pike amusement park. It was during the filming of an episode of TV's Six Million Dollar Man, that a technician rearranged what was thought to be a mannequin, only to have one of McCurdy's arms fall off. Elmer was buried in 1977, under 2-1/2 yards of concrete in the Summit View Cemetery in Guthrie.

PAWNEE  –  Cartoonist Chester Gould was born here in 1900. He created the Dick Tracy comic strip.

PERKINS  –  U.S. Marshall Francis Boardman "Pistol Pete" Eaton is buried here in the Perkins Cemetery. He claimed to have killed 11 men with the Colt .45 he wore strapped to his side.

PERRY  –  Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh was arrested here on April 21, 1995, two hours after the bombing.
PICHER –  Musician Joe Don Rooney grew up here.
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PORUM  –  Bandit queen Belle Starr was born here on February 5, 1848.
•   Belle was killed on February 3, 1889 when she was shot in the back by an unknown assailant as she walked down a wooded trail near her home here. Belle 41, was buried near the cabin where she was killed. She was laid to rest in her favorite black dress and jewelry. Her prized possession, a six-shooter given to her by her lover, outlaw Cole Younger, was placed in her hands. Six heavily armed Indians served as pallbearers. The jewelry and six-shooter were later stolen by grave robbers. Her isolated grave is southwest of Porum, near the Eufuala Dam.

PRAGUE  –  Indian athlete Jim Thorpe was born here in 1888.

PRYOR  –  Baseball player Cliff Mapes is buried here in Graham Memorial Cemetery.

RED BIRD  –  Red Bird, first settled about 1900, is located five miles southeast of Coweta, is one of more than fifty All-Black towns of Oklahoma and one of only thirteen still existing. Like many rural towns in Oklahoma, Red Bird faced devastation and population decline brought about by falling cotton prices and by the onset of the Great Depression. At the beginning of the twenty-first century, the town was steadily rebuilding.

RED ROCK –  On March 19, 1901, outlaw Ben Cravens, murdered the postmaster while robbing the Post Office here.  
•   The Dalton gang robbed a Santa Fe train here of $11,000 on July 1, 1892.

RENTIESVILLE  –  Rentiesville, founded in 1903 and developed on twenty acres owned by William Rentie and twenty acres owned by Phoebe McIntosh, is located five miles north of Checotah. The community is one of more than fifty All-Black towns in Oklahoma and one of thirteen still existing.  The Great Depression and lure of opportunities in urban centers caused an exodus of citizens from Rentiesville. By the late 1930s the population dwindled to 154, and the 1990 census reported 66 residents. The site of the Civil War battle of Honey Springs is only a half-mile east of town.
•   Author John Hobe Franklin was born here in 1915. A noted historian, and writer and chairman of the advisory board of Bill Clinton's Initiative on Race from 1997 to 1999, Dr. Franklin was born in Rentiesville in 1915 and moved to Tulsa a decade later.
•   Blues musician D.C. Minner grew up here. He was living here in

RINGLING –  ????  
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RINGWOOD –  ????  
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RYAN  –  Actor Chuck Norris was born here in 1940.

SACRED HEART  –  Author Tony Hillerman was born here in 1925.

SALLISAW  –  "Pretty Boy" Floyd robbed the bank here in his hometown on November 1, 1932. As his Ford sedan slowly drove into town at noon, waving to his friends on the street. He stepped from the car in front of the State Bank with his submachine gun under his arm. He talked briefly with the town barber, saluted his friends, and marched into the bank and robbed it.

SAPULPA  –  Profession wrestler Dick Hutton is buried here in the South Heights Cemetery.

SASAKWA  –  On November 9, 1931, the engineer of a passenger train spotted a stalled car on the tracks near here. Unable to stop, the train smashed into the car. In the crumpled wreckage, they found the battered body of a young woman. Her skin was clammy and cold, her limbs were set in rigor mortis, and her skull was crushed. Police identified her as Willie Scott, wife of a local farmer, William Scott. When asked him about his wife, he said she was visiting her mother and would back at anytime. Police searched his house and found a revolver and bloodstained pants and shirts. Scott said the blood came from removing horns from steers, and blood test proved him right. The case was put on hold until one day, Scott got drunk and told relatives that he had killed Willie with a car crank, put her body in the car and drove it onto the railroad tracks. They called police. Scott was found guilty of killing his wife and on April 29, 1935, he was sentenced to life imprisonment.

SEILING  –  Crusader Carrie Nation lived here for several years.

SEMINOLE  –  Outlaw George Birdwell was buried here in the Maple Grove Cemetery. On November 24, 1932. He was a partner and friend of Oklahoma outlaw Pretty Boy Floyd. He was killed while robbing the bank in the African-American community of Boley, Oklahoma in November, 1932.

SHAMROCK  –  "Pretty Boy" Floyd robbed the bank here in 1931.

SHAWNEE  –  Born here in Shawnee were: astronaut Gordon Cooper in 1927, and actor Brad Pitt in 1963.
•   The "Tri-State Terror," Wilbur Underhill, killer, bank robber, machine gunner and prison breaker, was shot and killed here on December 29, 1933.

SPAVINAW  –  Baseball player Mickey Mantle was born here in 1931.

STILLWATER  –  Actor Art Acord was born here in 1890.

STROUD –  Henry "Bearcat" Starr and his gang robbed two banks here in Stroud in 1915. Starr, a nephew of the famed Belle Starr, was wounded while making his escape out of town. He was killed during a shootout at a bank robbery in Harrison, Arkansas in 1921.

SUMMIT –  Summit, platted as South Muskogee in 1910, had a post office as early as 1896. One of more than fifty All-Black towns of Oklahoma, Summit is one of thirteen Black towns still existing at the end of the twentieth century. The town is located  six miles southwest of the city of Muskogee. Like many rural communities, Summit suffered during the Great Depression, and after World War II flight to urban centers added to the decline. The population in 1990 was 162; and 226 in 2000.

TAFT –  This All-Black town started as the community of Twine, which had a post office by 1902. Taft, located eight miles west of Muskogee,  is one of more than fifty All-Black towns of Oklahoma and one of only thirteen still existing. In 1904 citizens named the town Taft, in honor of then Secretary of War (later President) William Howard Taft. From a population of 250 in 1907, Taft grew to 690 by 1937 and then slowly declined. In 2000, the population was 349. Taft City Hall is listed in the National Register of Historic Places, and the Reeder Walker House and St. Paul Baptist Church are listed in the Oklahoma Landmarks Inventory. In 1973 the town elected Lelia Foley-Davis as mayor, making her the first female African American mayor in the United States.

TAHLEQUAH  –  Cherokee Chief Wilma Mankiller was born here in 1945.
•   Outlaw Ned Christie, a full Cherokee Indian, was a blacksmith here in the 1880s. Christie also sold guns, horses, and ran whiskey, and was always wanted by police. Early one morning in 1889, lawmen set fire to his house here in town in an attempt to arrest him. Christie escaped to the nearby mountains and built a two-story fort that the lawmen found virtually impossible to penetrate. On November 2, 1891, sixteen lawmen lugged a small cannon up the mountain in an all out effort to dislodge Christie from his fortress. To their dismay, the cannon shells merely bounced off the thick log walls. They then placed six dynamite sticks against the south wall and blew a hole in it. Christie made a break for the woods, but was shot in the head. Sam Maples, whose father had been killed by Christie in Tahlequah in 1885, emptied his revolver into Christie's lifeless body.
•   "Pretty Boy" Floyd robbed the bank here in 1931.
•   Mr. Ed, one of the many horse actors that played "Mr. Ed," the talking horse, is buried on the Snograss Farm near here.

TATUMS  –  Lee Tatum and his wife, Mary, applied for a post office designation in 1895, beginning the town of Tatums in Indian Territory. The town, located four miles northeast of Ratliff City, is one of more than fifty All-Black towns of Oklahoma and one of only thirteen still existing. A hotel was built in 1899, a blacksmith shop in 1900, a cotton gin and sawmill in 1910, and a motor garage in 1918. Oil wells were drilled in the area in the 1920s. In 1927, Norman Studios filmed a silent movie, Black Gold, in Tatums and enlisted Marshal L. B. Tatums to play a role. Although a copy of the film cannot be found and probably no longer exists, the script and camera are preserved at the Gene Autry Museum of Western Heritage in California. Like most rural towns, Tatums experienced the crippling effects of the Great Depression, and many residents migrated to urban areas. The population was 172 in 2000.

TONKAWA  –  When German Army Corporal Johannes Kunze and his Afrika Korps garrison surrendered to the Americans in Tunisia on May 13, 1943, he was brought here to Camp Gruber as a POW and interrogated by the U.S. Army. He appeared to have been singled out by the Army for special treatment, which aroused the suspicions of Nazi leaders among the other POW's who concluded he was a traitor and should pay for his treason. After Nazi leaders made the decision to punish him, he was lured to the mess hall for a night meeting on November 4, 1943. They confronted him with their evidence after which a mob of about 10 or 15 German POWs began to beat him. Later that night, his battered body was discovered outside the mess hall. He had died of skull fractures and multiple lacerations. Kunze was buried at Fort Reno. The Army's search for Kunze's killers narrowed to five veterans of the Afrika Corps. They were convicted and sentenced to death by a secretive court martial here and sent to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas where they hanged on July 10, 1945.

TULLAHASSEE  –  Tullahassee is considered the oldest of the surviving All-Black towns of Indian Territory. Located five miles northwest of Muskogee, Tullahassee is one of more than fifty All-Black towns of Oklahoma and one of thirteen still existing. The town was incorporated in 1902 and platted in 1907. Tullahassee's population held steady at nearly 200 from 1920. In 1970 it dropped to 145 residents. In 2000, the population 2000 was 106.

TULSA  –  Born here in Tulsa were: radio commentator Paul Harvey in 1918, actress Jennifer Jones in 1919, actor Tony Randall in 1920, Senator Daniel Moynihan in 1927, writer S. E. Hinton in 1948, singer Garth Brooks in 1962, actor Ted Shackleford, and actress Jeanne Tripplehorn in 1963.
•   William "Hopalong Cassidy" Boyd and author John Hobe Franklin grew up here in Tulsa.
•   Outlaw Kate "Ma" Barker and her sons moved here in 1915.
•   A race riot here in June of 1921 killed 36 people and burned down the black district.
•   Nannie Doss murdered eleven people here, because, she said, "I was searching for the perfect mate, the real romance of life," which left everyone wondering why it was necessary for her to do away with her mother, two of her children, two sisters, and a nephew. The crimes of Nannie came to the attention of police in 1954 when suspicion led them to conduct an autopsy on her fifth husband, Samuel Doss. They found enough arsenic in him to kill twenty men. After three days of relentless questioning, Mrs. Doss broke down and confessed. She had poisoned four of her five husbands, two infant children, her mother, two sisters, and a nephew. She had killed her husbands, she explained, because they were "dullards." Convicted of murder, Nannie was sent to prison for life. She died there of leukemia in 1964. Copies of romance magazines were found strewn about her cell.     More
•   Buried here in the Memorial Park Cemetery are:
–   Sam Kinison, comedian. He was killed in a car crash in 1992.
He is in Section 28 - Garden of the Apostles in the SE quad.
–   Cal Tinney, actor/humorist.
–   Bob Wills, musician. He founded the western swing band "Bob Wills and his Playboys." His headstone reads: "Deep Within My Heart Lies a Melody."
•   Inventor Carl C. Magee is buried here in the Rose Hill Memorial Park He invented the modern parking meter.

VERNON  –  An All-Black town located ten miles southeast of Dustin, Vernon was established in 1911 on the Tankard Ranch in what was then the Creek Nation. Vernon is one of more than fifty All-Black towns of Oklahoma and one of thirteen still existing. Like many rural towns of Oklahoma, Vernon suffered economic distress during the Great Depression. The exodus of many residents to urban centers after World War II added to the loss of population.

VINITA  –  TV personality "Dr. Phil" (Phillip McGraw) was born here in 1950.
•   Actor/comedian, Will Rogers attended High School here.
•   Vinita is the oldest incorporated town on Oklahoma Route 66 being established in 1871. Vinita was the first town in Oklahoma to enjoy electricity. Originally named Downingville, it was later  to Vinita, in honor of Vinnie Ream, the sculptress who created the life-size statue of Abraham Lincoln at the United States Capitol.
•   The world’s largest McDonalds spans the Will Rogers Turnpike of I-44 near Vinita.

WALTERS  –  Actor Van Heflin was born here in 1910.

WAUHILLAU  –  Outlaw Ned Christie is buried here in the Christie graveyard. He was killed by the sheriff on November 3, 1892.

WAUKOMIS  –  ????
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WELCH  –  Outlaw Kate “Ma” Barker was born here in 1892.
•   Buried here in the William Timberhill Cemetery at the end of N4485 Rd. North of Highway 59. are:
–   Kate "Ma" Barker, outlaw. She was the mastermind of the Barker/Alvin Karpis gang. She was shot and killed in a shootout with the FBI in 1935. She was found with her machine gun clutched to her bosom. Her four sons and other members of her gang are buried on a hill in an isolated corner of the graveyard.  
–   Arthur "Doc" Barker, outlaw son of Ma Barker. He was killed while trying to escape from Alcatraz. Even though there is a marker here, he is actually buried in Colma, California in the Olivet Cemetery in the Cosmo Plot, a grassy plot of unmarked graves.  
–   Fred Barker, outlaw son of Ma Barker.
–   George Barker, husband of Ma and father of the Barker boys.
–   Herman Barker, son of Ma Barker. He committed suicide rather than be captured.
–   Lloyd Barker, outlaw son of Ma Barker.

WESTVILLE  –  Located in Adair County, Westville has a population of 1,500+
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WEWOKA  –  Wewoka was the capital of the Seminole Nation in 1888.

WILBURTON  –  Belle Starr and her gang of bandits and the Jesse James gang used the Robbers Cave here as a hideout.
•   A mine explosion killed 91 people here on January 13, 1926.

WOODLAND JUNCTION  –  California Congressman Gary Condit was born here in 1948. He was involved in the Chandra Levy murder case.

WOODWARD  –  On October 8, 1895, attorneys Ed and John Jennings, brothers of outlaw Al Jennings, got into an argument with Temple Houston here in the Cabinet Saloon. Temple was the son of the great Sam Houston of Texas. Ed called Houston a son-of-a-bitch, and all three men drew their guns. Houston fired six shots at both brothers. John was hit in the arm and Ed was struck in the head by a stray bullet from his brother's gun. When two more of Houston's bullets struck Ed Jennings, he fell dead onto the barroom floor. John Jennings staggered out of the bar with half of his arm in shreds. Though John Jennings had accidentally fired the shot that killed his brother, Houston was charged with murder, but was acquitted on grounds of self-defense. Houston was later the role model for Yancy Cravat in Edna Ferber's Cimarron.
•   Temple Houston is buried here in Elmwood Cemetery on Downs Road, west of 22nd. He requested that he be buried in Oklahoma – not Texas.  

WOOLAROC  –  Frank Phillips, co-founder of Phillips Oil is buried here in the Phillips Family Mausoleum.

YALE  –  Indian athlete Jim Thorpe lived here with his parents in a log cabin in the 1920s.  

YUKON  –  Singer Garth Brooks grew up here. (Other sources say it was Yuba)

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