ALLENTOWN – Auto executive Lee Iacocca was born here in 1924.
u John "Jack" Mack, founder of the Mack Truck Co. is buried here in the Fairview Memorial Park.

ALTOONA – The historic 28-room Baker Mansion here was built in 1849 and is well known as a real haunted mansion. Now the home of the Blair County Historic Society, the mansion was built by ironmaster Elias Baker. The Bakers occupied the mansion until 1914 when Elias daughter, Anna, died. One of the most famous attractions in the Mansion is a wedding dress. It was to be Anna’s wedding dress, but her father forbid her to marry the man she was engaged to. She packed the dress away and never married. The dress is now on display in a glass case on the second floor of the haunted mansion at 3419 Oak Lawn.    GO THERE
u Hollywood columnist Hedda Hopper is buried here in Rose Hill Cemetery at 1207 12th St. She is in Section R, Lot 633.

AMBLER – The Stoogeum museum near here is devoted to the Three Stooges history and memorabilia.   

ATLANTIC – Playwright Maxwell Anderson was born here in Atlantic in 1888.

BALA CYNWYD – Alexander Haig former secretary of state was born here in 1924. (Bala Cynwyd is part of Philadelphia).
u Buried here in the West Laurel Hill Cemetery are:
– David Hayes Agnew, surgeon. He attended President James Garfield after he was shot in 1881.
– Cyrus Curtis, founder of
The Ladies Home Journal.
– John Dorance Sr. While working for the Campbell Soup Company, he invented method of producing concentrated canned soup.
– Dave Garroway, host of
The Today Show in the 1950s. He committed suicide in 1982.
– Anna Jarvis, founder of "Mother's Day."
– Eldridge Johnson, inventor. Founder of the Victor Talking Machine Co. He also invented a spring-driven motor for phonographs,
– Benjamin Shibe, co-owner of the Philadelphia Athletics.
– John Batterson Stetson. He created the western "Stetson" 10-Gallon Hat.

BALD MOUNT – S. S. Kresge, founder of the Kresge 5 & 10 stores (K-mart) was born here in 1867.

– Baseball player Hugh Mulcahy is buried here in the Beaver Cemetery. A pitcher, he owns the record for losing the most games in the major leagues. He had a 45-89 record. He is in Section 10 Lot 21b grave 1.

BEAVER FALLS – Football player Joe Namath was born here Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania in 1943. He grew up here.

BEDFORD – George Washington used the Espy house here as his headquarters in 1794. He slept in a bedroom on the second floor. The Espy house is located at the NE corner of Pitt Street and Juliana.
u The World's largest coffee pot was built here in Bedford in 1927 as a luncheonette to lure customers to a gas station next door. Measuring 18-feet in diameter. the pot later became a bus station, a seedy 1970s bar, and then served again as a diner. Closed in the 1980s, it stood along the highway for years, boarded up and falling into disrepair, its windows smashed, its carpeting torn and its furniture broken. Restored in 2003, it is now located in front of the Bedford County Fairgrounds on US 30 Bus, west of downtown

BENSALEM – Nancy Spungen, girlfriend of rock musician Sid Vicious is buried here in the King David Cemetery. She was stabbed to death in her New York hotel room in 1978 at age 20.

BERNVILLE – A modern marvel of our times is the only way to describe Koziare’s Christmas Village here at 782 Christmas Village Road. The magnificent spectacle attracts thousands of tourists each year who come to view the more than one-half million Christmas lights adorning buildings, gift barns, and landscape. Adding to the magnificent beauty is the spectacular reflection of those thousands and thousands of lights in a lake situated directly in front of the main house. The greatest Christmas display in the USA is open from Thanksgiving through January 1

BERWICK – Actor Nick Adams is buried here in Saint Cyril and Methodius Byzantine Catholic Cemetery. He died of a drug overdose in Beverly Hills in 1968 at age 37.

BETHLEHEM – Born here in Bethlehem were: poet Stephen Vincent Benet in 1898, ballerina Gelsey Kirkland in 1952, and actor/director Jonathan Frakes in 1952.

BLUE BELL – Actor Edward Van Sloan is buried here in the Boehn Reformed Church Cemetery. He was the vampire Killer in the 1930s films Dracula. and Dracula's Daughter.

BRADFORD – Singer Marilyn Horne was born here in 1934.
u George G. Blaisdell developed the Zippo lighter here in a garage in 1932. Nearly 450 million lighters later, Zippo lighters are still made in Bradford. The Zippo/Case Visitors Center is located at 1932 Zippo Drive, just off Route 219 in Bradford.

BRICKERVILLE – John A. Sutter is buried here in the graveyard of the Moravian church on East Main St. Sutter is famous for discovering gold in California which started the first gold rush.

– Inventor William Edward Hanford was born here in 1908. He was the co-inventor of Polyurethane.

– Buried here in the Independent Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery are:
– Elton Britt, world's greatest yodeler. His most famous song was
There's a Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere.
– Vaughn Horton, musician composer. He wrote the songs
Mockin' Bird Hill, Sugarfoot Rag, Mule Skinner's Blues, Till the end of the World, and In Care of Uncle Sam.

BROOMALL – Actor Danny Bonaduce was born here in 1959. He appeared in TV's Partridge Family.

BRYN MAWR – Actress Jayne Mansfield was born here in 1933.

CANONSBURG – Singer Perry Como was born (1922) and raised here.
u Singer Bobby Vinton was born here in 1935.
u The Four Coins singing group was formed here in 1952.

CARLISLE – Civil War hero Molly Pitcher is buried here in the Old Graveyard Cemetery on South Street between Hanover and Bedford Streets.

– Baseball player Honus Wagner was born here Carnegie, Pennsylvania in 1874.

– Artist Andy Warhol is buried here in the Saint John the Baptist Byzantine Catholic Cemetery.

CENTRALIA – Centralia was a pleasant community of about 1,435 people in 1962. On May 27 of that year, a fire was set in Centralia's garbage dump by firemen hired by the borough council. They had always done this, because the dump had always been next to a cemetery, and with Memorial Day and many grave visits approaching, they wanted to get rid of the offending odors as best they could. The firemen piled the trash in one corner of the pit, set it afire and later washed down the smoldering ashes with fire hoses. But the fire found its way through a hole in the pit into abandoned coal mines that lay beneath Centralia. The borough council tried desperately to put out the underground fire, but after a few days it was beyond their reach. In 1979, the fire broke through an underground barrier and moved under the town itself, sending dangerous gases into one home after another and causing the ground itself to collapse. In 1983, Congress appropriated $42 million to relocate anyone who wanted to leave and the fire was allowed to burn. In 2004, fewer than 20 people remained and much of the town had been demolished. .

CHADDS FORD – Artist Andrew Wyeth was born here in 1917.

CHARLEROI – Actress Shirley Jones was born here in 1934. (Other sources say it was in Smithtown).

CHERRYVILLE – Sam Kress, founder of the Kress Department stores was born here in 1863.

CHESTNUT CORNERS – Addie Gable, mother of Clark Gable is buried here in St. Peter's Cemetery She died on January 10, 1902.

CHESTER – Singer Ethel Waters was born here in 1896.

CLAMBERSBURY – Actor William V. Mong was born here in 1875.

COCHRAN'S MILLS – Journalist Nellie Bly (Elizabeth Cochrane) was born here in 1866.

COLLINGDALE – Opera singer Marion Anderson is buried here in the Eden Cemetery.

CONSHOHOCKEN – Buried here in the Calvary Cemetery are:
– Alan "The Horse" Ameche, football player.
– Jim Bagnell, baseball player.

– Movie dog actor "Lassie“ is buried here at a private family home. She appeared in the film Lassie Come Home in 1943, and the television series, Lassie from 1954 to 1974. Her real name was "Pal."

CORAOPOLIS – Actor Michael Keaton was born here in 1951.
u Baseball player Frank Gustine is buried here in the Resurrection Cemetery. He is in Section 4 block /lot 26 Grave 1.

CRESSON – Explorer Robert E. Peary was born here in 1856.

DARBY TOWNSHIP – Buried here in the Mount Lawn Cemetery are:
– Hank Gathers, basketball player.
– Bessie Smith, blues singer.

DERRY – Milton Hershey, founder of Hershey Chocolate Co. was born here here in Derry, Pennsylvania in 1857.

DOYLESTOWN – Singer Pink was born here in 1979.
u The Burpee Seed Co. was founded here in 1878.
u Atlee Burpee, founder of Burpee Seed Co. is buried here in the Doyleston Cemetery Section M Plot 49.
u Composer/pianist Ignace Paderewski's heart is enshrined here in the Shrine of the Black Madonna at Our Lady of Czestochowa. His body is buried in Poland.
u In 1908, Henry Chapman Mercer began building Fonthill, his shadowy, medieval, concrete castle here in Doylestown, filling every nook and cranny with his magnificent handmade tiles as well as 1,564 foreign tiles from his collection (including 33 Babylonian tablets embedded and displayed in ceramic). Employing between 8 to 12 laborers, Mercer fashioned Fonthill into a home like none other – one that consists of 44 rooms, (including ten bathrooms and five bedrooms) 32 stairwells, 200 windows, 18 fireplaces, and 21 chimneys and air vents. Mercer, an eccentric, never married. He lived a hermit-like existence, didn't like to be photographed, took a couple of naps each day, and preferred riding his bicycle instead of driving a car. Fonthill is located on Route 313, and are open for tours Monday through Saturday.

– Pianist Earl Hines was born here in 1903.

EASTON – New York supreme court Judge Crater was born here in 1889. He disappeared in 1930 and was never seen again.
u The Binney & Smith Crayola Factory is located here at 30 Centre Square

ECKLEY – Eckley is one of the hundreds of company mining towns built in the anthracite region of Pennsylvania during the nineteenth century. Strip mining gradually replaced underground mining. Steam shovels stripped away the land around Eckley as well as part of the village. The work force and the population of Eckley gradually declined. From a population that numbered over one thousand in 1870, only few villagers remain. GO THERE

EHRENVILLE – Actor Charles Bronson was born here in 1920.

ELLWOOD CITY – Baseball player Hack Wilson was born here in 1900. He hit 56 homers for the Chicago Cubs in 1930.

ERIE – Toy manufacturer Louis Marx was born here in Erie, Pennsylvania in 1919. He was known as the "Toy King."
u Baseball player Sam Jethroe is buried here in the Erie Cemetery.

EYNON – Major League Baseball umpire Joseph Paparella is buried here in the Saint Francis Church Cemetery.

FACTORYVILLE – Bseball great Christy Mathewson was born here on August 12, 1880.
u The third Saturday in August every year is recognized as a holiday in Factoryville. Christy Mathewson Day celebrates the baseball Hall-of-Famer who was born in Factoryville on August 12, 1880. The festivities include a parade from Keystone College to Christy Mathewson Park, a 6 km foot race (in honor of Mathewson's nickname, “The Big 6”), a chicken barbecue, games and many other activities.

FORTY FORT – Ted Kennedy's friend Mary Jo Kopechne was born here in 1940. She drowned in Kennedy's car in 1969.

FRACKVILLE – A 15-ft. tall pioneer woman statue here at 115 West Coal Street, has a girl child, with the face of a man, clutching the woman's dress and holding a doll with no head.

GLADWYNE – Father Devine is buried here in The Shrine on the Woodmount Palace Mission estate. He was the leader and creator of the Universal Peace Mission Movement religion/cult.
u Baseball player Richie Ashburn is buried here in the Gladwyn United Methodist Church Cemetery.. He is in the South East Corner, directly behind the church.

GERMANTOWN – Author Louisa May Alcott was born here in 1832. She wrote Little Women.

GETTYSBURG – The battle of Gettysburg was fought here from July 1 through July 3, 1863. Seven million bullets were fired and 51,000 were killed. Abraham Lincoln made his Gettysburg Address speech here.

GILBERT – Sebastian Spering Kresge, founder of Kresge Five and Ten Cents Stores (Now Kmart) is buried here in Salem Cemetery.

GOUGLERSVILLE – Actor Walter Soderling is buried here in the Wyomissing Cemetery.

HALLAM – The Shoe House here was built by Mahlon Haines in 1948 as an advertising gimmick to promote his shoe business The large shoe is located on Shoe House Road & Route 30 Overpass

HANOVER – Baseball player Pete Gray is buried here in the Saint Mary's Cemetery. Gray had only one arm and played in the outfield for the St. Louis Browns during WWII.

HARRISBURG – Politician Newt Gingrich was born here in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in 1946.

HAVERTOWN – Baseball player manager Jimmy Dykes is buried here in the Saint Denis Cemetery. He is in Section 2, Range 1, Lots 1 & 2.

HEATHER HIGHLANDS – A street named Divorce Court is located here in Heather Highlands.

HERSHEY – Buried here in the Hershey Cemetery. at 1 Chocolate Ave. are:
– Milton Snavely Hershey, founder of Hershey Chocolate Company.
– Harry Reese, founder of Reese Candy Company. The Reese Peanut Butter Cup is Hershey's most popular candy bar and is the second biggest seller in the U.S.

HOME – Writer Edward Abbey grew up here.

HONESDALE – Golfer Art Wall Jr. is buried here in the Glen Dyberry Cemetery.

HUGHESTOWN – Baseball player Bucky Harris is buried here in Saint Peter's Lutheran Cemetery.

INDIANA – Born here in Indiana were: actor Jimmy Stewart in 1908, and writer Edward Abbey in 1927.
u A bronze statue of Stewart stands in front of the Jimmy Stewart Museum at 845 Philadelphia St.

JIM THORPE – Indian athlete Jim Thorpe is buried here in the Jim Thrope Tomb on Route 903.
u An old jail here built in 1871, was an active prison until January 1995. It contains 28 original cells, warden's living quarters, and 16 dungeon cells. Built into the side of a mountain, Legend has it that the famous Irish coal miners, convicted of murdering two of their bosses, were housed in this building that resembles an ancient castle. The immigrants fought for better conditions in the mines and swore to their deaths that they were framed by none other than Asa Packer and some of the owners of the coal mines. Alexander Campbell, John Donohue, Michael Doyle, and Edward Kelly were executed at the jail's gallows on Black Thursday, June 21, 1877. Moments before his death, Campbell placed his hand on the wall of Cell 17, and willed that his handprint always be visible, a true sign of his innocence. That eerie handprint can be seen by visitors to this day, even though there have been many attempts to remove it from the wall. All of the brave Irishmen dubbed the Molly Maguires have gone down in history as being largely responsible for the birth of organized labor in this country. The old jail at 128 W Broadway is now a museum.

JOHNSTOWN – A few minutes past three p.m. on April 31, 1889, the earthen, 500-acre South Fork Dam, 14 miles upstream from Johnstown by :Lake Conemaugh, collapsed and a 40-foot wall of water charged into the valley toward Johnstown at 40 miles an hour, wiping out villages, bridges, freight trains and everything else in its path. By the time the tidal wave subsided, nearly 1,900 homes and buildings had been destroyed and 2,295 people had died, including 99 entire families. Every Johnstown survivor lost a relative or a friend in the flood.
u 777 unidentified victims of the 1889 flood are buried here in a mass grave in the Grandview Cemetery. on Menoher Blvd.

KENNETT SQUARE – Buried here in the Union Hill Cemetery at 424 No. Union St. are:
– Actress Linda Darnell. She died in a fire in 1965.
– Herb Pennock, baseball player.

LACKAWAXEN – Writer Zane Grey is buried here in the Union Cemetery.

LAHASKA – Anthropologist Margaret Mead is buried here in the Buckingham Friends Burial Ground.

LANCASTER – President James Buchanan is buried here in Woodward Hill Cemetery. at 538E. Strawberry St.

LANFAIR – Midget George Molchan was born here in 1922. He was :Little Oscar” for Oscar Mayer for 36 years.

LARKSVILLE – Mary Jo Kopechne, who drowned in Ted Kennedy's Oldsmobile is buried here in Larksville Parish Cemetery. Her services, which Kennedy did attend, were held in St. Vincent's Roman Catholic Church in Plymouth.

LATROBE – Born here in Latrobe, Pennsylvania were: golfer Arnold Palmer in 1919, and TV's Mister (Fred) Rogers. Rogers is buried here in the Unity Cemetery.
u The banana split was invented here in 1904 by Dave Strickler while working as a soda jerk at a local pharmacy. The National Ice Cream and Yogurt Retailers Association says this is so even though Wilmington, Ohio, Columbus, Ohio and Boston Mass. all claim it was invented in their town.
u The first professional football game was played here on September 3, 1895, between the Latrobe YMCA and the Jeannette, PA., Atheltic Club. Latrobe won 12-0. Latrobe's quarterback, John Brallier was paid $10 plus expenses.

LATTIMER – Actor Jack Palance was born here in 1919.

LEWISBURG – Baseball great Christy Mathewson is buried here in the Lewisburg City Cemetery. He is in the Path of Love.

LINWOOD – Homosexual porn star Joey Stefano is buried here in the Immaculate Heart Cemetery. He died of a drug overdose in Hollywood in 1994 at age 26.

LITITZ – California pioneer John Sutter is buried here in the Moravian Cemetery. He owned Sutter's Mill in California, the land on which gold was discovered in 1849 and brought on the California gold rush.

LITTLESTOWN – Dr. Stanley Krebs, husband of actress Marjorie Main is buried here in the Mount Carmel Cemetery. Beside him is a space reserved for Marjorie. Krebs died before Marjorie became a movie star. She died in 1975 and is buried in Forest Lawn in the Hollywood Hills.

LOCH HAVEN – Artist John Sloan was born here in 1871.

LORETTO – Steel manufacturer Charles Schwab is buried here in the Basilica of St. Michael.

MEADVILLE – Actress Sharon Stone was born here in 1958.
u Actor Clark Gable's mother Adeline (Addie) died at age 32, here on November 14, 1901, nine months after Clark Was born. She was buried in the St. Peter's Catholic Cemetery near here. Clark lived here with his grandparents on their farm until 1903.
u Playwright Maxwell Anderson is buried here in the Anderson Family Cemetery He wrote the book Key Largo, and the lyrics of the song September Song.

MEDIA – Called ”Everybody’s Hometown,” Media, with it’s tree-lined streets and brick sidewalks is the last suburban town in America that still has a trolley running down its main street.

– Musician Trent Reznor of the the rock group “The Nine Inch Nails” was born here in 1965.

MERCERSBURG – U.S. President James Buchanan was born here in 1871.

MIDDLETOWN – Silent screen star actress Helen Twelvetrees is buried here in the Middletown Cemetery. She died from an overdose of drugs in 1958 and is in Section D of the new section of the Cemetery..

MIDDLESEX – Politician Alf Landon was born here Middlesex, Pennsylvania in 1908. He was the 1936 Republican candidate for president losing to Franklin D. Roosevelt.

MIFFLINTOWN – Actress Nancy Kulp is buried here in the Westminster Presbyterian Cemetery. She was "Jane Hathaway in TVs The Beverly Hillbillies.

MILLCREEK – Leon Livingston, the "King of the Hobos" is buried here in the Laurel Hill Cemetery. He is in Section 5 row 3, grave unknown.

MILFORD – Actor Allyn Joslyn was born here in 1901.

MILLVALE – Boxer Fritzie Zivic is buried here in the Saint Nicholas Cemetery.

– Cowboy actor Tom Mix was born here in 1880.

MONT CLARE – Harry "The Sundance Kid" Longabaugh was born here in 1863 at 122 Jacobs St.

MONTOURSVILLE – Pornographic film star Tina Russell (Linda Marie Mintzer) is buried here in the Resurrection Cemetery.

NANTICOKE – Baseball player Steve Bilko is buried here in the Saint Joseph Church Cemetery.

NARBERTH – Bert Bell, former owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers is buried here in the Calvary Cemetery.

NEW CASTLE – Actor Robert Sterling was born here in 1917.

NEW EAGLE – Football player Joe Montana was born here in 1956.

NEW HOPE – Race horse Smarty Jones was born here in 2001.

NEW KENSINGTON – Inventor Stephanie Louise Kwolek was born here in 1923. She invented Kevlar, used in bullet proof vests.

NEWTON – The ashes of actress Sara Seegar are scattered here on the Stone Meadows Farm. She was Eloise Wilson on the Dennis the Menace TV show.

– Du Pont heir John E. du Pont, shot and killed Olympic wrestler David Schultz here on the grounds of du Pont's estate on Goshen Road on January 26, 1996.

NORRISTOWN – Born here in Norristown, Pennsylvania were baseball manager Tom Lasorda in 1927, actor Peter Boyle in 1935, and baseball player Mike Piazza in 1968.

NORTHAMPTON – Actress Dorothy Page (Dorothy McCormick) is buried here in the Allen Union Cemetery. She was Hollywood's first "Singing Cowgirl".

– Baseball player Elmer Valo is buried here in the Sacred Heart New Cemetery.

PARADISE – Charles Carl Roberts IV, 32, is buried here in a family plot behind the Georgetown United Methodist Church. His grave lies next to that of his infant daughter, Elise Victoria. Roberts shot five Amish schoolgirls to death, wounded five others, then killed himself in an Amish school a few miles away in October 2006..

PERKASIE – Author Pearl S. Buck is buried here on the Green Hills Farm.

PHILADELPHIA – Born here in Philadelphia were: flagmaker Betsy Ross in 1752, actor Lionel Barrymore in 1878, actress John Barrymore in 1879, comedian W. C. Fields in 1879, actor John Barrymore in 1882, painter/photographer Man Ray in 1890, singer Marian Anderson in 1897, anthropologist Margaret Mead in 1901, singer Mario Lanza in 1921, actor Jack Klugman in 1922, actress Grace Kelly in 1928, TV personality Chuck Barris in 1929, actor James Darren in 1936, actor/comedian Bill Cosby in 1937, actor Richard Gere in 1949, figure skater Tara Lipinski in 1952, actor Will Smith in 1970, and basketball player Kobe Bryant in 1978.
u Betsy Ross made the first U.S. flag here in her home at 239 Arch St. She is buried here by her former home.
u The first U.S. Mint was built here in 1792 on Spring Garden Street between 16th and 17th.
u Irvin and Clarence Scott invented toilet tissue here in the 1880s
u Robert Green created the first ice cream soda here in 1874.
u Al Capone served eight months here in Eastern State Penitentiary. Abandoned in the 1970s, tours of the prison began in 1994.
u Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell are located here on Chestnut Street between 5th and 6th.
u The first computer was built here in 1946.
u The first daily newspaper in America was published in Philadelphia on September 21, 1784.
u Johann Behrent built the first piano in America here 1775. He called it "Piano Forte."
u The Declaration of Independence was signed here in 1776.
u William Hurry is buried here in the Old Pine Street Cemetery. He rang the Liberty Bell proclaiming the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776.
u Buried here in the Christ Church Cemetery at 5th and Arch St. are:
– Benjamin Franklin, inventor. He discovered electricity and invented bifocals and many other inventions. He is near the 5th and Arch Streets corner.
– Charles Mason, astronomer. He was co-discoverer of the Mason-Dixon Line.
u Buried here in the Ivy Hill Cemetery are:
– Charles Duryea, automobile Manufacturer. He invented the spray carburetor in 1892 and the first practical gasoline-powered automobile in 1893. He is in the Section G, Lot 183, Grave 1.
– Bill Tilden, tennis player. He is in Section D.
u Charles Elmer Hires, creator of Hires Root Beer is buried here in Westminister Cemetery on Belmont Ave.
u John Wanamaker, founder of Wanamaker's Department Store is buried here in the Church of St. James the Less Cemetery at 3227 W. Clearfield. He is in Grave 701.
u Buried here in the Laurel Hill Cemetery at 3822 Ridge Ave. are:
– Robert Montgomery Bird, playwright. He wrote "The Gladiator." He is in Section O, Lots 33-46.
– Henry Deringer Jr. gun maker. He invented the Derringer pistol. He is in the Shrubbery Section, Lots 10-14.
– Sarah Hale, journalist. She wrote "Mary had a Little Lamb," and was the founder of the Thanksgiving Holiday. She is in Section X, lot 61.
u Feminist Lucretia Coffin Mott is buried here in the Friends Fair Hill Burial Ground.
u Buried here in the Mount Sinai Cemetery at Bridge and Cottage St. are:
– Moses Annenberg, newspaper publisher.
– Bernard, Charles and Ellis Gimbel, founders of Gimbels' Department Store.
– David Rittenhouse, astronomer. He built the first telescope in the United States, and invented cross-hairs on telescope lenses. He is in Section P, Lot 61-62.
– Joseph Wharton, co-founder of Bethlehem Steel. In Section G, Lot 157.
u Buried here in the Mount Vernon Cemetery are:
– Georgiana Emma Barrymore, actress and mother of Lionel, Ethel and John Barrymore. She died in 1893 at age 38.
– John Barrymore, actor. His ashes are here.
– Maurice Barrymore, actor, husband of Georgiana and father of Lionel, Ethel and John.
– Louise Drew, actress and mother of Georgiana Barrymore.

PHOENIXVILLE – Harry "The Sundance Kid" Longabaugh grew up here at 354 Church St.

– Born here in Pittsburgh were: composer Stephen Foster in 1826, founder of Heinz pickles, Henry H, Heinz in 1844, painter Mary Cassatt in 1844, financier Andrew Mellon in 1855, author Gertrude Stein in 1874, author Mary Roberts Rinehart in 1876, poet Robinson Jeffers in 1887, choreographer Martha Graham in 1894, poet Robinson Jeffers in 1887, dancer/choreographer Martha Graham in 1895, actor/dancer Gene Kelly in 1912, atheist Madalyn Murray O'Hair in 1919, TV personality Bill Cullen in 1920, pianist Erroll Garner in 1921, artist Andy Warhol in 1928, actor Ted Cassidy in 1932 (He was Lurch of TVs Adams Family), football player Johnny Unitas in 1933, comedian Dennis Miller in 1953, and football player Jim Kelly in 1960.
u The first automobile service station in America opened here in 1913.
u The first all-motion-picture theater in the world was opened here on Smithfield Street on June 19, 1905, by John P. Harris and Harry Davis.
u The first commercial broadcast station in the world was KDKA in Pittsburgh, which started daily schedule broadcasting on November 2, 1920.
u Buried here in the Calvary Cemetery are:
– Billy Conn, boxer. He is in Section 60A, Lot 37, Grave 1.
– Harry Greb, boxer. He is in Section W, Lot 40, Grave 5.
– Gene Lyons, actor.
– Harry Stuhldreher, football player. He was one of Notre Dame's "Four Horsemen." He is in Section MA
u Buried here in the Homewood Cemetery at Dallas and Aylesboro Ave. are:
– Erroll Garner, pianist. He is in Section 22, Lot 19-E.
– Josh Gibson Jr., baseball player.
– Henry Heinz, founder of Heinz Ketchup Co.
– Pearl Mesta, socialite Ambassador to Luxembourg in 1949. She is in Section 21, Lot 21 George Mesta Mausoleum.
– Jock Sutherland, Pittsburgh football coach. He is in Section 24, Lot 132.
– Pie Traynor, baseball player. He is in Section 20, Lot 16-E.
u Honus Wagner, Hall of Fame baseball player is buried here in Jefferson Memorial Park at 401 Curry Hollow Rd. He is in the Garden of the Cross, Section 7, Lot 327-C, Space 1.
u Buried here in the Allegheny Cemetery at 734 Butler St. are:
– J. B. Ford, founder the Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company. He is in Section 50, Lot 65.
– Stephen Foster, composer. He is in Section 21, Lot 30.
– Josh Gibson Sr., baseball player. He is in Section 50, Lot SG-C232.
– Singer/actress Lillian Russell. She is in the Lillian Russell Mausoleum, Section 40, Lot 5.
– Harry Thaw, killer of architect Stanford White in 1906 who was having an affair with Thaw's wife Evelyn Nesbit.

PLAINFIELD – Actress Jayne Mansfield is buried here at Fairview Cemetery on U.S. 22. (Plainfield is outside Pen Argyle)

PLOWVILLE – Novelist John Updike grew up here.

PLYMOUTH – The services of drowning victim Mary Jo Kopechne were held here in St. Vincent's Roman Catholic Church. Ted Kennedy was in attendance.

PORTLAND – Songwriter Donald Yetter Gardner was born here in 1913. He wrote the song All I Want For Christmas is My Two Front Teeth.

POTTSTOWN – Baseball player Buck Weaver was born here in 1890. He was a member of the infamous Chicago "Black Sox."

POTTSVILLE – The Yuengling Brewery here is the oldest brewery in America. Established in 1829, it is located at 5th & Mahantongo Streets.

PROSPECTVILLE – Billiards player Willie Hoppe is buried here in the Whitemarsh Memorial Park.

PUNXSUTSAWNEY – Each February, national attention is focused on Punxsutawney, where according to lore the emergence of a groundhog named Punxsutawney Phil from his burrow, predicts the number of weeks remaining of winter..

QUARRYVILLE – Inventor Robert Fulton was born here in 1765. He invented the steamboat. (Other sources say it was in Little Britain).

READING – Born here in Reading were: frontiersman Daniel Boone in 1734, actor John Kemmer in 1919 (he played Commander Buzz Corry on TVs Space Cadets, and novelist John Updike in 1932.
u John Phillip Sousa died here in 1932 at age 77.
u Baseball player Carl Furillo is buried here in the Forest Hills Memorial Park. He is in Section J, Lot 266, Grave A.

ROSELYN – Buried here in the Hillside Cemetery are:
– Chief Bender, baseball player. He is in the Cedar Lawn Section, Lot 516.
– Del Ennis, baseball player. He is in the Lawnview Section, Lot 102.

ROULETTE – Baseball player Don Hoak is buried here in the Fishing Creek Cemetery.

SAINT THOMAS – Baseball player Nelson "Nellie" Fox is buried here in the Saint Thomas Cemetery.

SCRANTON – Actress Wanda Hawley was born here in 1895.

– Actor Lee Tracy is buried here in the Evergreen Cemetery. He starred in the TV series Martin Kane-Private Eye.

SHAWNEE-ON-DELAWARE – Bandleader Fred Waring is buried here in the Shawnee Presbyterian Church Cemetery

SHENANDOAH – Born here were bandleaders Jimmy Dorsey in 1904, and Tommy Dorsey in 1905.
u Bandleader Jimmy Dorsey is buried here at Annunciation Cemetery. at 218 W. Cherry St. From the exit gate, he is about five rows in on the left.

SHILLINGTON – Novelist John Updike spent his early childhood here.

SHOHOLA – Baseball player Joe Wood is buried here in a private family cemetery.

SMITHTON – Actress Shirley Jones was born here in 1934. (Other sources say it was in Charleroi).

SPRINGDALE – Author/biologist Rachel Carson was born here in 1907.

SPRINGFIELD – Buried here in the Saint Peter and Saint Paul Cemetery are:
– Rodney Harvey, actor. He died at the age of 30 in a Los Angeles hotel of a drug overdose. He is in Section 16.
– Danny Murtaugh, baseball player/manager.
– Al Pollard, football player. He is in Section 2.
u Composer Max Freedman is buried here in the Mount Sharon Cemetery.. He wrote the song Sioux City Sue.

STATE COLLEGE – Milton Eisenhower, diplomat and brother of President Eisenhower is buried here in the Centre County Memorial Park.

SUNBURY – The earliest successful experiment of Thomas A. Edison with electric lighting was made here in Sunbury, Pennsylvania.

SUSQUEHANNA – Psychologist B. F. Skinner was born here in 1904.

TITUSVILLE – The Drake Well Museum here is on the site where Edwin L. Drake drilled the world's first oil well in 1859.

TREVOSE – Buried here in the Roosevelt Memorial Park are:
– Arlene Francis, actress. She is in Section R, Plot 48, Grave 4.
– Martin Gabel, actor and husband of Arlene Francis.

TYRONE – Band leader Fred Waring was born here in 1900.

UNION TOWN – General George C. Marshall was born here in 1880.

– The ashes of Pittsburgh Pirate baseball announcer Bob Prince are here in the Westminster Presbyterian Church.

VALLEY FORGE – It was here in the winter of 1877 that 12,000 soldiers led by General George Washington camped for a long, miserable winter during the Revolutionary War. 3,000 of them died here from the cold.

WASHINGTON – Inventor Edward Goodrich Acheson was born here in 1956. He invented carborundum.

– George Washington and his troops crossed the Delaware River here on Christmas Night in 1776. They began the quarter-mile crossing at 6 p.m. and did not finish until 3 a.m. because of the weather, ferrying 2,400 soldiers, 200 horses, and 18 cannons across and marching eight freezing miles downstream to surprise British celebrating Christmas at Trenton, New Jersey. Two Americans froze to death on the march, but none died in the battle. Washington Crossing is 30 miles north of Philadelphia, on Route 29, 7 miles south of New Hope.

WEST CHESTER – Composer Samuel Barber was born here in 1910.
u Singer Pearl Bailey is buried here in the Rolling Green Memorial Park.

WEST VIEW – Art Rooney, former owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers is buried here in the North side Catholic Cemetery..

WEST WYOMING – Baseball player Joe Ostrowski is buried here in the Saint Josephs Church Cemetery.

WILKES©BARRE – Indian expert George Catlin was born here in 1796.

WILLIAMSPORT – The first Little League World Series was held here in 1946.

WYNCOTE – Baseball player Reggie Jackson was born here in 1946.

YEADON – Murderer Dr. Herman Mudgett, also known as Henry H. Holmes and "The Monster of 63rd Street," is buried here in Holy Cross Cemetery. According to his instructions,the bottom of his coffin was filled with 10-inches of cement then his body was placed inside. His face was covered with a cloth and cement was poured over his body until it filled the coffin. It took 13 men to drag the coffin to the 10-feet deep double grave. While lowering the coffin into the hole, the coffin turned upside down causing Holmes to be buried face down. The grave is unmarked. Mudgett (or Holmes) was hanged on May 7, 1896 in the Moyamensing Prison for a murder he committed in Pittsburgh. In 1889, Mudgett killed more than 50 people in his home (Holmes Castle) in Chicago. The 2002 best selling book The Devil in White City was about Holmes and his murders.

YORK – Inventor George R. Stibitz was born here in 1904.
u Baseball player Ken Raffensberger is buried here in the Mount Rose Cemetery.

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